How To Use The Ikon-x

First put on a head band. The sensors are placed on your head band using the Velcro on the back of each sensor. One sensor goes near the left ear and one goes near the right . When you aim for an opponent you do not need a point blank hit, aim within a one foot diameter around the head to register a hit. In the broad day light this equipment will register a hit to up to two hundred and fifty feet. Of course the further away you are the more accurate you have to be while aiming.

The following video shows you how to turn on the laser tag device, set modes, set lives, set clips, set the backlight,shoot rapid fire, shoot single shot, get hit and how the device becomes dead:


All pertinent information regarding your equipment is found on your display. Turn on the unit using the key. Now choose your playing mode. The unit allows you to choose between mode A, B or C. To select your mode press the black button (reload button) below the display. Remember mode A can only shoot mode B and C and mode B can only shoot mode A and C. Mode A can't shoot another mode A and mode B can't shoot another mode B. Selecting mode A for one team and mode B for the other avoids "friendly fire". Mode C can shoot another mode C and mode A or B. After you have chosen which mode to start with pull the trigger one time.


Now you must determine the number of hits or "lives" you want to start with. Depending on the type of game you're playing you can choose any number between 1 and 9. You can choose the amount of hits or "lives" by pushing the black button (reload button) located below your display until you reach the desired number. When you have chosen the amount of hits or "lives" then pull the trigger one time.


Finally, you must decide how many clips you want to start your game with. Remember that each clip has 99 shots in it. Normally players start off with all nine clips no matter the type of game, but you still have the option of presetting the number of clips before you begin. After you choose the number of clips, pull the trigger once.


At this point you'll see a "*" and the word "OFF". This is where you can choose to leave the screen's backlight off or turn it on. (We recommend you leave it off during daylight hours and turn it on during night games. The backlight obviously draws more power from the battery when in use.) Push the black reload button to toggle between * OFF and * ON. When you do this you'll notice the backlight turn off and on respectively. Pull the trigger after you decide backlight off or on. You are now ready to begin play.


The LCD display shows you the mode you chose, how many hits or "lives" you have left, how many full clips you have left and how many shots you have left in the clip you are currently using.


Before starting play you must load your first clip by pushing the black button below the display. Remember that it takes 8 seconds before you are allowed to shoot once you push the black reload button. When you use up all your 99 shots, push the black button to reload to the next clip. Remember it takes 8 seconds before you're allowed to shoot. Can you get shot during this 8 second wait? Of course. It's part of the fun and strategy.


The weapon can shoot semi-automatic or fully automatic by simply moving the "semi & auto switch" back and forth as you're shooting. When the switch is to the left you're in "semi" or "single shot" mode. When the switch is to the right you're in "fully automatic" or "rapid fire" mode.


When you are shot on your sensors you hear a loud "Umph!" and see the word HURT! on your display for three seconds. During the three seconds you can't shoot nor be shot. After 3 seconds your display will show that you have lost one of your "lives" or "hit points".


When you lose all your "lives" or "hit points" you have been eliminated and your weapon stops working. Your gun "screams" three times indicating that you have lost your last life. Then on the display you see the word DEAD! The only way you can continue play is to put the key in the unit and turn the unit off and then on again. Using a key to reset the gun eliminates cheating during the course of a game.


We have recently integrated a new command mode. The function of this mode is to allow any gun to be a "referee gun". With a "referee gun" you can reset any player's gun to a predetermined mode, number of hits, number of clips and backlight on or off by simply shooting at the player's sensor. This alleviates the sometimes cumbersome task of using the key and pushing the buttons to reset a player's gun. This function is especially useful during the game of medic.

To use a gun in the command mode, first use the key to turn on the gun. You'll see Mode A. Push the button until you see CMD A. Pull the trigger once. Choose the number of hits you want to reset the player with. Pull the trigger again, once. Select the number of clips you want to reset the player with. Pull the trigger again, once. Select backlight on or off. Pull the trigger again, once. You'll see "CMD A" on the screen. Now aim the unit at a player's sensor and shoot. The player's gun will automatically reset to Mode A and the number of hits and clips you preset, including backlight on or off depending on which one you chose. Keep in mind, that the player's gun you're going to reset must be turned on and must be ready to play, i.e. after turning on the player's gun, pull the trigger 3 times. Now you are ready to shoot the player's sensors. At this point even if the player's gun says "DEAD". You can still shoot his sensors and reset him with the "referee gun". * Note * CMD A means that when you finish presetting the number of hits and the number of clips and then shoot the player's sensor; the player's gun will automatically be set on Mode A, with the number of hits and clips you preset in your CMD A mode. If you want the player to be on Mode B or Mode C, you must use CMD B and CMD C respectively.

*It is not recommended to overuse the Command function because if the Command function is used 4 or 5 times in a row on any gun then when that gun is "hit" by another gun it will reset itself to Mode A. If this occurs, simply reset the unit with the key to fully clear the electronics. If you don't use the key to reset at this point, that unit may not be able to receive "hits".

*Also keep in mind that when playing outdoors at night or indoors at anytime, the shooting signal and sensors become increasingly more sensitive. This means that it is easier to shoot another unit than it would be in the daytime. Therefore when using the referee gun try your best to only shoot the player's sensor you intend to shoot. Shooting up at the sensor or cupping your hand above the sensor and then shooting into your hand usually helps. If you haphazardly shoot at someone standing in front of you, it is easy to reset the person behind him or next to him unintentionally. If this happens you may over reset others when you don't intend to giving you the issues explained above. When all else fails, reset with the key. The reset or Command function was intended to aid referees in starting games quicker, especially when you have a lot of players. It was not intended to replace the use of the key.


Place the sensors on either side of the head one above each ear. Always take a brief moment to show your players how to aim. The invisible beam comes from the laser tag unit (the part that looks like a scope). The laser tag unit should almost always be parallel to the ground when aiming at an opponent's sensors on the head, especially when the opponent is at least 10 feet away, because if the player aims too high or too low, he's going to constantly "miss" the opponent's sensors. The best way to aim is to use the top of the ring as a guide. The ring is the black two piece metal apparatus that holds the laser tag unit onto the gun. If you can get an opponent's head just above the top of the ring (as you're looking over the top of the ring at an opponent's head), then you'll have a better chance to consistently "hit" an opponent's sensors. Players become better shooters the more they play. During the first few games of a party keep an eye out for the players who seem to be aiming too high or too low and correct them until they get used to aiming properly.


To recharge the battery simply plug in the charger to an outlet and then plug the charger's "pin" into the charging hole on the side of the main laser tag unit. The light on the charger remains red until fully charged. When the battery is fully charged the charger light turns green. We use 2200mAh batteries so you get many hours of play on a full charge.


DO NOT wrap the sensors around the gun too tight otherwise you may stretch the sensor cord out of its natural length thus making the cord too long. You'll then have the problem of players tripping over the cord.


The safety switch on the side of the airsoft gun if placed on the "Safety" will make the trigger stick in safety mode. Keep the safety switch on anything else other than "Safety" when you want to shoot.


Always remember that this gun is a fully functional airsoft gun and shoots plastic BB's. When shooting the BB's always use protective eyeware. Never brandish the airsoft gun at law enforcement.