One of our main goals here at Ikon-x is customer satisfaction. This is why we created a money back guarantee program for our new prospective customers only. This program allows a first time buyer to purchase two Ikon-x laser tag units, try them out for two weeks, and decide if Ikon-x laser tag guns are what they're expecting them to be. If they are, keep them, if not, ship them back for a full refund of the purchase price.

The details of the 14 Day Trial Program are as follows:

  • The money back guarantee only applies to first time buyers. A first time buyer is a person, group, household or company who has never purchased any products from Ikon-x.
  • The money back guarantee only applies to a maximum of two guns per shipping address.
  • The money back guarantee only applies to a first time buyer's purchase of two MP5 ABS Ikon-x laser tag guns. The program does not apply to a purchase of three or more MP5 ABS laser tag guns, nor does it apply to the purchase of any other laser tag guns or products.
  • The 14 day count down begins on the day when the courier service delivers the two guns to the shipping address given to us by the customer as verified by the courier service's package tracking number.
  • The 14 days are consecutive days, including weekends and holidays.
  • If by the 14th day the buyer decides to return the two Ikon-x laser tag units, the two guns must be shipped out (including all accessories) on the 15th day.
  • If the items are shipped out on the 15th day AND verified by an Ikon-x representative using the shipping courier's tracking number that they have been shipped out on the15th day, and when they are received by the Ikon-x company and all items are cleared as being in good condition, then the customer will be reimbursed full purchase price of the two Ikon-x MP5 laser tag guns minus ALL shipping costs.
  • Other restrictions may apply. Call or email us for further restrictions.

No other purchase of product(s) from the Ikon-x website will be refunded once the product(s) in question have been shipped to the Customer's shipping address.  Product exchanges of equal value are allowed only through approval of an authorized Ikon-x representative.