Used Laser Tag Arena


Not Available.


Featured at the Los Angeles County Fair

and the Alameda County Fair

This used inflatable laser tag arena is perfect for fairs, carnivals, large events, temporary and permanent locations. The inflatable laser tag arena comes in 3 sections. The dimensions of each section are 50' wide x 20' deep x 10' high. When all 3 are placed together the dimensions become 50' wide x 60' deep x 10' high. (The 3 sections can be spread apart for more depth).  The picture below is just one section.

The arena also comes with six blowers. Each section requires 2 blowers to inflate.

The arena comes with 10 Ikon-x laser tag guns.


*Includes 13 Inflatable Bunkers and Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.  Shipping cost may be extra if shipped to anywhere else other than the continental United States.