About The Ikon-x. 

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The Ikon-x Laser Tag unit is a fully functional laser tag system. The word "laser" is actually a misnomer because the signal emitter is infrared, not laser, and is similar to your television remote control, so it is entirely safe for the eyes. The creation of the Ikon-x is based on years of both on field research and factory development. Design, function, quality and affordability were the major considerations in the manufacturing process of the Ikon-x.

The design encompasses the transformation of a replica MP5 or Glock into a fully functional laser tag gun much like the MILES system for the military. In the functional development of the Ikon-x many negative issues facing other manufacturers' equipment have been considered and resolved. A practical price and emphasis on return of investment (ROI) makes the Ikon-x not only an affordable choice, but a smart one as well. The laser tag unit is backed by a 24 month warranty reassuring the purchaser of the quality of the unit.